XY-L10A NC Charging Module Battery Charger Control Module 10A DC 6-60 V Control Load Overload Switch

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Product model:XY-L10A
Control voltage:DC6-60V
Control current:≤10A
Control accuracy:0.1V
Type of output:Direct output
Voltage error:±0.1V
Scope of application:Various battery lithium batteries
Module features:
Support battery acid battery and take action. Voltage range :6 v ~ 60 v;
It can display voltage, % of the battery, simultaneously through the LCD load time;
Very powerful, performs automatic load control,
The load time can be controlled, and the corresponding parameters can be configured and loaded through the serial port.
Functional description:
Automatic load control function:
When the battery voltage is below volt-li: "DNH", the relay belt, the charger begins to charge; When the battery voltage is vt-oi: "up", the relay is connected and automatic recovery is completed.
Load time control function:
How to activate the time control function?
After entering the definition parameter, the parameter op is defined as non-zero, and then the time control function is connected. The standard parameter is:... -h, the mode is not connected to the time control function;
After turning on the time control function (oppa non-zero), when the battery voltage is less than the voltage, the charger starts charging and the system starts timing. Request_unk, if the time is up, the battery voltage is still the lowest voltage, the relay keeps the drive, automatically turns off the load time control function, and blinks H: remind the user that the time to adjust the parameters is unreasonable; Press any key to stop flashing;
Note: time format :00:59(59 minutes per hour), Max: 99:59,100 hours.
Parameter adjustment:
press and hold the connection key to enter the configuration interface;
change the parameters you wish to define in a short time;
after selecting the parameter, it can be defined as supporting short media in a short time (rapidly increasing or decreasing); Repeat step b (c) to define the other parameters;
after all parameters are defined, press and hold shift key and save;
Job description:
Some time before the interface (main interface):
A short joint media button to display the current set of parameters; Press the button to display the percentage of goods and loading time in proportion.
Press the button briefly and select the switch to open/close. If the relay can be closed, it will display "off" as a reminder.
Long button, low power status switch
No: no operation in 10 minutes
The backlight is always bright
Press the button and enter the parameter Settings.
Calculation of voltage percentage= percentage of battery voltage /(volt-volt-li)
Additional features:
Cargo recording function: time not turned on controls the cargo, the product will record a time, when the time display interface, the cargo of intermission time, the time display interface, and then go out and drive the cargo (relay) empty Automatic detection parameters: when the parameters are defined, the output will be displayed. If the voltage of the volt LI Dn rises, the system will display the flash "ERR" as a reminder;
Detection of battery access: this battery-related product, if it is not connected to the battery, will be displayed at downlink "NbE" as a reminder Package Included:
1xBattery charger control module
No Retail Box. Packed Safely in Bubble Bag.
Note:Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement. Please check before you offer.The images may not reflect the actual color of the project due to differences between the displays.

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